WLSDM: Monitoring WebLogic JVM Heap and CPU Usage

1. Go to JVM System Resources dashboard page!
2. Available Panels: Physical (Host) System Resources, JVM Resources Summary, Managed Server CPU/Heap Usage (Real-time)
3. Open “Page Operations” window to list additional Managed Server(s) on JVM System Resources dashboard page
  1. Go to WLSDM JVM System Resources dashboard page
  2. Click “Open Metric Reports” button on Physical System Resources panel
  3. Choose report date interval and click “Get Report”. “Get Report From Daily Data” is faster and all the JMX MBean metric values on WLSDM are available historically for 24 Hours by default.
  4. Then navigate report results on “Report Table” and “Report Chart”
4. CPU, Heap Metric Reports: View old values and generate JVM performance reports
5. Generate JVM Usage Reports (Host and Managed Servers)
  1. Go to WLSDM JVM System Resources dashboard page
  2. Click “Metric Options” button on Physical System Resources panel as below
6. Define or update JVM performance monitoring thresholds. Open “Metric Options” window
7. Metric Options Modal Window
8. Server (Machine/HOST) CPU consumption e-mail notification when it’s over 75%
  1. Go to WLSDM Garbage Collection dashboard page
  2. Click “Configure Minor GC Notification Settings” button (for MinorGC monitoring)
  1. Go to “Profiling Dump” page from WLSDM menu
  2. Click “Generate Profiling Dump” button on page




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WLSDM for WebLogic

WLSDM for WebLogic

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