About Smart WebLogic Server Monitoring and Diagnostic Tool WLSDM by Govindan Padmanaban

  1. Rich Graphical user interface
  2. It has all the things we want to monitor the WebLogic server and resources
  1. Log Inspector: Inspect all WebLogic server log files for any errors like Out of Memory, Out of space, Stuck Thread etc. and more
  2. Notification, WLSDM will send alerts through EMAIL
  3. Analytics: WLSDM stores all the JMX metric data and back-end data historically. Using this data, we can see our old errors and we will take care to not to produce the same error in the future.
  4. Thread Dump Analyzer: WLSDM able to get thread dumps when Hugger and Stuck threads occur. We can see the stack traces and much more.
  5. Scheduler: Add any kind of script and schedule it
  6. Responsive UI and the WLSDM is present inside the WebLogic console so the admin can open the WLSDM dashboard from the WebLogic console

About WLSDM Installation:-

If you are familiar with the following points than you can install WLSDM alone. The WLSDM installationprovided by the WLSDM is straightforward. Any WebLogic beginner can do this installation with or without little research in google. The WLSDM Readme file also has the clear installation instruction.

  1. How to set Java Option in WebLogic server
  2. Stop and start WebLogic servers

How to access WLSDM

The WLSDM links are available inside the WebLogic console. Log in to the WebLogic admin console and the WLSDM is available in bottom left corner as shown below



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